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2 prayers to the Great Martyr Catherine of Alexandria

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First Prayer to the Great Martyr Catherine

«O holy Catherine, virgin and martyr, true bride of Christ! We beseech thee as one who received a special grace whereby sweetest Jesus, thy Bridegroom, appeared to thee, that having put to shame the tyrant’s deceits by thy wisdom and vanquished the fifty rhetoricians, giving them heavenly doctrine whereof to partake and leading them to the light of the true Faith, thou mightest likewise ask for us that same wisdom of God, that we also, having rent asunder all the snares of the tyrant of hades, and spurned the temptations of the world and the flesh, may show ourselves to be worthy of divine glory, may be made vessels meet for the spread of our holy Orthodox Faith, and that in the tabernacle of heaven we may with thee praise and glorify our Lord and Master Jesus Christ, with the Father and the Holy Spirit, unto all ages. Amen.»

Second Prayer to the Great Martyr Catherine

«O holy great martyr Catherine, chosen vessel of purity, pillar of Orthodoxy, our intercessor of good cheer, struggler for the law, saint who sleepest a holy sleep on the holy mountain! Because thou thyself hast revealed to Christians that they should ever pray to thee, we earnestly entreat thee: looking down from on high, hearken unto the sound of our supplication, mercifully regard the misfortunes of us sinners, visit the gloom of our minds, cause us to think of heavenly things and not of those of earth. By thine intercessions make haste to overcome the lusts of our flesh, our passionate attachment to the world and the wiles of the evil spirits who with malice wage war against us; that by thine intercession we may be shown to be free of their malicious assaults in the days of this life and from their aerial interrogations after our departure. O all-wise virgin, grant us all that we ask which is profitable, for thou canst ask many things of thy beloved Bridegroom, Christ our God. We know that the prayer of a righteous man availeth much when it worketh with the goodness of the merciful God, to Whom be glory, honor and thanksgiving, unto the ages of ages. Amen.»

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